Database of articles and topics about Television in the Newark City Schools
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First Day of Broadcasting
Cox_Wheeler 1963-64
Games Slayter Family
Teacher Robert McDaniel
WGSF TV Cameras
The Mobile TV Truck
Electrical Power for the TV Truck
The "Blue Truck"
Program Origination
TV Training Classes
WGSF Personnel
Adult Volunteers
Control Room
Election Coverage
Summer School
Hartford Fair
Changing Channels
WGSF Picnics
WGSF Reunions
Sports Coverage
Graduation Coverage
Teen Time
On The Road to: ???
John's Movies - "Rotten Egg Award"
31 Reports

Mrs. Armstong's Music
Schools In Action
Move to Channel 19

Community Groups
"Your Topic" !?!?
The Green Box (Work records)
Wildcat Den
Summer Festival

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